Saturday, 28 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 5

I gasped! I could barely take in the splendour of what lay before me! Gracious me! Everywhere there were layers of silk piled high as the roof.
There were guards and footmen in the most splendid outfits, their wings all opalescent, they stood tall and proud.
The walls were lined with precious gems, gleaming brightly in the light of the flames.
The floor beneath me looked like water, splashing and twirling about like the sea.
Above my head was a blanket of stars.

Ouch!!! I turned to look at the offending object, it was the faerie who'd escorted my from my perfectly comfortable room, into this opulent netherworld, who'd poked me with her little finger.

I remembered where I was and why. Instantaneously I bowed, low as I could.

I slowly lift my eyes...being very cautious when doing so. Making sure I do not offend.
Out the corner of my eye I see everyone else scraping equally low. A hush falls over the hall, a trumpet sounds, the most melodic tune fills the space , my heart if filled with instant joy! Oh what pure bliss.

The hush becomes an absolute silence.

Her voice sounds like bells , little tinkling bells, I understand her. Clear as day her voice says

 " Welcome all" then as if one body every being in the room straightened up.

 I trail behind. I am not sure of protocol.Nervously I muster the courage to look at her, I see the voice for the first time, I feel suddenly very inadequate. I have never been in such a presence as this, immediately I knew I was at her command.

"You, Winnifred, step forward!!"

I move as if I am automated.I feel I have no power to do anything else. Mesmerised, I stand trembling in front of what has too be the most perfect creature
of all time!! Effortless grace, beautiful face. Her eyelashes long and full over eyes of azure blue, hung lids so refined. Her nose was perfect, her lips full and kind, again porcelain skin and golden curls adorned her head and framed her heart shaped face. Her clothes shimmered and sparkled, diamonds by the thousand, adorned her satin robes, never a more powerful and pretty sets of wings had I ever seen.

I feel my knees quaking. My stomach churns, I'm light headed. I mentally challenge myself to hold on and gain composure. Okay I'm back in the moment.
"Winnifred, I have called you to ask for your help"
I stand, too scared and in awe to say a word.

She continues " Our lives depend on you, our lights are dying" "Soon we will have no light, we need you to go out and make us more light"

Make more light???? I wonder how on earth I'm supposed to do that? She may be beautiful but she certainly isn't very clever.
She continues, " You need to make humans believe in us again" she quietly says " failure is not an option" "You fail and we all die"
" You may leave now", "Butterpetal Bloom will give you a few things to help with your task"

I bow again, my head is spinning, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to save their lives? I'm eleven years old, and on school break. I don't carry any sway with anyone . Oh deary me!! As my mind races I follow Butterpetal Bloom, (finally I have a name for my guide) into room after room of little faerie folk, surrounded by all wonders of the gemstone world and working by firelight.
Ironic I thought.

Butterpetal Bloom slows, turns and open a door. "In you go " she says. This time I lead, my newly acquired wings fold slightly to allow me access to this room. In I go , this room is unassuming. Almost normal. Butterpetal Bloom points out a table in the corner," this is where we get your stuff."
I curiously walk toward the table.

I wonder what " my stuff" is exactly?


  1. 'The hush becomes an absolute silence.' - loved that!
    Very descriptive Veronica...beautifully told.

  2. I have just read all of the stories. Beautiful, awesome stories. Any little girl would love reading them. I cant wait to hear what is gonna happen next. Amazing writing Nicky.