Saturday, 21 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door part 2

Now I'm lying here between my starched white sheets, wishing the night away so I can go explore again! This is turning out to be a most exciting holiday away from the boarding school. Although I miss my friends and all the jolly good fun we make in the dormitory after lessons, I would much rather be at home with Nanny, mother and father.

I hear the house grow slowly quiet, the last of the lanterns extinguished and Nanny and the new Butler, Bob Bowfinger's footsteps slowly fade away downstairs.

My eyelids are starting to feel heavy. Suddenly I hear a soft tap tap tapping at the window. I turn my head to the right and across my room I see a tiny little light flashing. Curious I get up and my toes touch the thick plush carpet underfoot, I slowly creep towards the window, making sure not to cause the floorboards to creek. If they did Nanny would surely be up to scold me for being out of bed. trust me that was certainly Not something I want, not again....

As I draw closer to the window, I rub my eyes, I blink . Now I stretch my eyes wide open, I go closer still. What it that? I hear the tap tap tapping getting ever louder, I see the flashing light, it is brighter now. Why is this light flashing so sporadically?

I must be dreaming.... that's it, I must have drifted off to sleep, for surely what I see before me is a figment of my imagination. I am so enthralled by what I see, my heart starts racing, my mouth goes dry, I feel light headed, I don't care....

She is simply devine, so beautiful, her features porcelein perfection, her gossimer wings perfect in every detail, her hair so thick and curly and golden. Her dress is silky and sequined. I am in awe.

I am brought back by the tap tap tapping ever louder on the window, I'm here, I see her, I hear her, surely I'm awake. She gestures to me to open the window. I am but a puppet to her command. I do as I am bid, quietly I open the window . The cool autumn air feels fresh on my face.

She gestures again... I must follow her, again helpless to her command I need to follow. She must have me under her spell, but how? I need to find a way down from my room, I am on the 1st floor, so too high to jump. This ethereal creaure must have read my thoughts, for before me a road of diamond dust appears, straight from the ledge of my window. Instantly I know I will be safe, I know I have to clinb out of my window and follow the shiny diamond dust road.

Where will it take me?..... soon I will know


  1. And hopefully, soon we will know too! Looking forward to part 3 Veronica so we too can travel this journey with her. Beautiful descriptive work sweetheart :) x

  2. Thank you B so exciting, I'm really enjoying this writing experience. Your kind comments make my day


    sorry... *blushes* sometimes I get a tad excitable.