Thursday, 26 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 4

"The Queen, wants to s-s-see me?"" i stutter slightly over the words.
"yes hurry along now!" " You can see everything later!" " But now we must go!"

I follow her, but my eyes do not know where to look, so much to take in and there is the familiar
smell of cookies and Cinnamon... "strange" oops I've said it out loud, fortunately the faerie shows no sign of having heard what I said. Again I wonder to myself why I have been brought here, and to see the Queen??

The little figure stops abruptly, now looks me straight in the eye. I realise what she is about to say must be very serious indeed. I prick p my (now pointy) ears to listen. "There are rules when addressing our Queen". This is a statement I would soon enough realise is taken very seriously indeed.

The rules were as follows:

1) Always bow before the Queen
2) Never speak first EVER
3) Do whatever the Queen says
4) Best manners at all times
5) Respect the Queen and her Guard
6) No flying in the Queens presence.

Okay so they seem simple enough don't they?

I shift my dress, check my hair, do the breath test, and somehow check my wings. That's strange I'd forgotten that my shape and size had changed just for the few minutes it took to get here.

We are outside a beautiful door, it's gold and silver has emeralds, rubies, saphires (my favorite) and even pearls decorating it. You are left in no doubt , just by looking at this door, that the person behind it must be someone most important.

The faerie figure says something in an inaudible tone, and makes myserious movements with his hands. At once the doors swung wide open, and before me lay the most wonderous sight!!

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