Friday, 27 April 2012

Melancholy reflection . A Poem for my friends

Looking back as oft we do I recall the times of youth Those times I shared with a few of you. Our school days at Milners' gates On rugby fields our opponents faced On the track, we had our stars In the classroom lots of farce We get together now and then Recall the tales of old and then We look around to hear that voice Of melancholy reflection. Our days were filled with sunbeams Our laughter filled the hall The school of bricks and mortar We're our building blocks, Not simply walls Now looking back I recall him, I recall her, what he said What she did. Every instance relived Every smiling face imprinted On my heart forever more My friends of school and those of Before and those of after Still our song, our laughter. When I look into my own child's eyes I pray his path be filled like mine With awesome people both Far and near I've loved and cherished and still Hold dear.

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  1. Note to self, use laptop not iPad to do blogs, it never holds the same format.... Oh well