Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Foot

Right or left, it doesn't matter we use our feet.  I know there are those poor soles ( no pun intended) that have maybe only one or the other or even neither.
I have always taken my feet for granted.
They have always been there, strange shaped blobs at the end of my legs.
I appreciate their purpose, which is to keep me upright, well mostly...

Toes, now they are the funniest looking appendages ever, right? Little worm like creatures who wear little helmets .. well to my warped imagination anyway. However I now think you may view them in the same light.. *titters*
So there they are, these weird appendages. Our feet

Well we all have jokes about feet, for example: what's wrong with you if your nose runs and your feet smell?
You're built upside down etc. etc. etc. But let me tell you, it's no joke when those feet are hurt/ sore or injured!!

Today on arriving home from a short drive, I came through my front door and removed my shoes, as is par for the course. Then with my first footfall OUCH!!!! where the heck did that pain come from.. so I walk tentatively to the lounge. This really smarts now..bizarre me thinks, so I remove my sock for closer inspection. What the heck???? my foot is all swollen and my ankle looks like it it now one of triplets, I jest not!! so I continue to hobble, go and collect the rest of the children from school hobble there and back to the car. My foot is now throbbing like something out of a science fiction moving, simply can't describe it!! Well okay I probably could, but don't want to use expletives...

So off I go to the outpatient unit at the local hospital. I give all my details, foot still throbbing, go have a seat, throbbing. Hobble to the triage nurse's room, throbbing. Hobble back to waiting room... need I say it? Hobble eventually to the nurse on duty's room, after her ever so gentle attempt at mangling my poor throbbing foot, tears running down my face, feeling faint as the blood drains.... and finally a verdict..... diagnosis: Planter fasciitis... oh and it can take between 7 months and a year to rectify!!! just dandy considering I am on my feet all day .

Note to self : from this day hence... I will appreciate my feet !!

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