Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 3

So tentatively I place my first foot on the diamond dust road, it's almost spongy yet firm. Next foot up, I stand firm Between the world I know and a great adventure. Dare I take my first step out? What if Nanny finds out? I just know I'd have more trouble than I would know how to deal with. Yet I feel compelled to follow. I titter to myself, what will be will be....

The porcelain figure before me beckons and I hear a chirping, tweeting sound come from her mouth. I don't understand her Language but I helplessly follow her Command. She is getting agitated with me, but has she seen how high this is and Does she realise there are no handrails? She doesn't even know me so why does she think she can treat me like this? I am helpless, perhaps under a spell, I move forward away from the safety of my room and out into the unknown. I feel strangely safe. I walk along like a puppet following its master. I am increasing the rate of my footfall as I become ever more confident. There down below me I see my garden laid out, I again smell the Jasmine and Lavender on the cool night air.

In the distance I see my favourite spot, the old Oak tree. Suddenly my body feels like liquid, as if I have no bones. What's happening to me? I'm shrinking!!!! Oh dear me what will Nanny have to say about this, my panicked thoughts are quickly over-ridden by the immense pain in my back. "Ouch!!!" I cry, the figure ahead of me stops. What on earth??? I can hardly get the thoughts out as the searing pain in my back begins again. I hear the distinct sound of cotton tearing (Nanny tears strips to wrap my hair at night, so I can have pretty ringlets) again the sound of tearing, followed by the sound of unfurling, and POP not just once, but twice! I look down at my body, I'm so small, the road I was on is suddenly huge, and my porcelain features creature is nose to nose with me. "hurry along" she says beckoning me once more. I understand her suddenly, what is going on? I feel so little and light? The road drops away beneath my feet, "heeelpppp!!" I scream, but the faerie figure just grins, I'm falling !!!!! "just think about flying" the ethereal one says, and I do.

"follow me" she says again. I do. I find I'm flying, but I'm too confused to be enjoying my first flight. She lands, I follow. There in front of me standing quiet high, is what was. Once the little door on the old Oak tree. She speaks some sort of riddle, or spell perhaps and the little ( or not so little ) door swings open. Oh my goodness!!!! I am tingling all over, can this be real? Am I being invited into this world by the faerie folk? I have so long dreamt of entering this secretive world.Now here I am, Winnifred Beatrice Lucinda de Ravencroft, being invited/taken in!!!! I just know that none of my friends will believe my good fortune. Again I'm urged to follow. "where are you taking me, in such a hurry?" I ask. "The Queen wants to see you" came the reply.

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