Monday, 16 April 2012

Hoping to make it with what I have. A poem

Here we sit in our old bodies
Our minds still full of yourthful enthusiasm
Pretending to be young enough
Energy devoid of us

Trying to muster
Only to fail

Mama once said I'd be old one day
And here we are
Keeping up the faith
Energy still devoid of us

It's not that easy
Trying to keep up

Who are we really?
In these vessels
That slow us down
Hoping to go

Where I once went
Here and there
Always out and about
Taking the bull by the horns

Indeed we do

Hanking after my youth
Another day of reflection
Very depressing
Energy still devoid og us.


  1. And there is a poet in there too! Wow are full of surprises! Love it!

  2. So powerful! Very vivid, and melancholy. Thank You for sharing :)