Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 6

I stood in amazement looking at the array of things laid out on the table.

Butterpetal Bloom started speaking, pointing to each object in turn. " A wand, standard issue, not to be used lightly as the power it holds is immense, and if not used for righteous purposes can recoil against you"
She pointed to a little red velvet bag next.
"Magic Faerie dust, again to be used with extreme caution and only as a very last option"

Next she pointed to an oval shaped opalescent orb, "This", she said" you used to drive the message home" and she then drew my attention to a tree bark covered book and said
"finally, here is your spell that will convert you into whatever form you need, you say it and just think about the form you want to take on, and voila!! you will instantly transform".

As I struggled to take it all in, she continued " So take these now and go forth, help us live, please".

Did my ears deceive me? Did this gorgeous creature say please? to me? My mind racing, my heart beating wildly, I feel overwhelmed. Why was I chosen to have all this responsibility heaped on my shoulders? Where am I even to begin with this huge task? Oh my head hurts, I have so much to think about.
Next thing I know, I am hearing the shrill sound ringing in my room like an ear piercing alarm:
 " Winnifred, time to get uuuuupppp!" swiftly followed by what sounded nothing short of a  blast from a foghorn " Winnifred !!! What on earth have you done?" Nanny pulled the curtains open with one swift movement, the bright sunlight falling over my face, I scrunch up my eyes, and open them slowly. This is not the best way to be woken up.

I looked at Nanny, wiping the sleep which somehow sparkled like diamond dust, out of my eye.

Perplexed I ask " What is it Nanny, what ever do you mean?"
Nanny now clearly visible as my eyes adjust to the sunlight, is glowering down at me. Her  size looking imposing as I cower away from her.
" Your beautiful new nightgown, it has two huge tears in it!!" "Look here, right up here on the back"

I stand up out of my warm bed. I am so tired, exhausted even.

Nanny in one swift movement takes the gown from my body.
I am very suddenly wide awake and alert, as if I'd been awake for ages. How am  I going to explain those? I asked myself.
 I had to think quick, how am I going to get myself out of this situation?? It comes to me, act oblivious.
 "Tears Nanny?" " Why, what do you mean?" the events from the previous night still fresh in my mind. I am by no means going admit what had happened to Nanny, she would most certainly chastise me for having a wild imagination. No I simply couldn't tell her!!! I look at her directly and simply shrug my shoulders.

After a lot of tut - tutting and speaking under her breath Nanny, having placed my lovely new pink and white dress along with my delicates and socks on my bed, and having poured water into my ceramic tub (which was a very modern addition to our home) she made to leave my room, stopping only to look back at me, say "hurry and wash girl" shake her head in dismay while glancing down at the torn nightgown. I know she is upset as it will fall to her to mend it.

As I lower myself into the steaming tub, I wonder to myself about the events that took place last night, I mentally walk through the events as they happened. I reach the point where the " tools of my task" were explained to me.... So where are they now?

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  1. Loving the names of your characters. :) They made me smile.
    Looking forward to the next part of the tale :))