Thursday, 10 May 2012

Flashflood Entry . She's away with the Fairies.

It was always the same, people saying “she’s away with the fairies”. Is that so bad a place to be?

Look around us, there’s war, there’s poverty, children dying needlessly all over the world, countries led by tyrants. So why not spend time in the realm of fairies and goblins and sprites and the like?

Here with my fairy friends I ward off the evil goblins and try and outsmart those pesky sprites, forever playing tricks on me. Why just yesterday I was absentmindedly making my coffee, again thinking of things ethereal, when as I put my sugar into my cup it started foaming all over!! Those pesky sprites had done it again, effervescent salts in the sugar bowl!! Just wait until I lay my hands on the scrawny, slimy, fowl smelling little pest that did this. He is going to regret this, this at my place of work!! Urrgghhh he has made me mad now!

I can just guess that it’s the doings of Pumpernickel Purple again; he sure does like to make me mad. I devise my plan, and set my mind to discuss it with Starlight Satin, the prettiest and most powerful fairy friend that I have. I have known and loved the fairies since I was a young girl, about 6 years old, I had stumbled across them in the New Forest whilst on an outing with my parents and little brother. I had wondered off to get a closer view of the stream and sprawled over an oak tree root that was protruding from the ground. I thought at first that I was seeing stars, but no, I blinked and there in front of my very own eyes was a ring of fairies all stood in shock, looking straight at me.

“Hello” I said and that was the beginning of my 20 year friendship with the. I believed in them you see, so I could see them.

Starlight Satin giggled with glee and clapped her hands as I imparted my ever-so-clever plan to her.  “That’s just brilliant!” she said in praise of my plan. Now I’m not sure if normal humans will know this or not, but sprites just cannot resist cotton candy. And the fair was in town too… oh what a magnificent plan. Together Starlight and I go and see Miss Octavia Arachnid. We tell her our plan and ask for her help; pleasingly she agrees to help, as she too has been victim to Pumpernickel’s pranks.

So off to the fair we go, my comrades sneak into the stall, whilst I keep the stall holder busy. I spy Pumpernickel out the corner of my eye. It’s going to work!!

 My friends have just finished carrying out the master plan.

As we leave ever so nonchalantly, I see Pumpernickel slip into the candy cotton stall and head straight for it. Oh what good fun to see him stuck fast in our pink web of revenge!!


  1. Really enjoyed reading this Veronica...wonderful story x

  2. Aw thanks B, you are so kind. Love you x