Saturday, 19 May 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 9

My emotions are running wild, what I have just overheard has put everything I have ever believed into question. How could it be possible that Nanny is called Delores Daffodil, and that the new Butler is called Bob Bowfinger? It has just occurred to me that these are not normal run-of-the-mill English names. No! These are Faerie Folk names!!!

 All my life Nanny has been one of them?  Why has she never told me? She could have, during all those bedtime fairy stories that she read to me, the secret smiles I remember, the twinkle in her eyes, everything that truly made me believe in the realm of enchantment.

Oh silly me!!! My whiskers in anger, I must stay still and calm or I will give myself away.

Scurrying across the kitchen floor as fast as my now short furry little legs can carry me; again I angle my huge ears so as to hear more of this conversation. I had managed to catch a few words here and there. Now however, I clearly catch every word as Nanny, holding up my torn nightgown, says "Her face was a sight, Bob! Beatrice knew she couldn't lie to me, so she simply avoided answering by shrugging her shoulders."

Oh I'm so angry I’m shaking in the doorway to the larder. Funny is it? Well Delores Daffodil I will show you!! I think to myself.

Bob Bowfinger just laughs at Nanny's rendition of events.

I am not amused that they find my predicament so amusing. How dare they? My revenge will be plotted later. For now I listen.

After a 20 minute stealth operation, and completely  flabbergasted at what I've discovered and I just want to shout out, yet I must remain calm before Delores spots me and does away with the "vermin" that I now am.

Here are the things that I have learnt during my covert operation:

Nanny is a member of the Faerie Folk.

Bob Bowfinger is undercover, sent to help me in my task to reignite those Faerie Lights.

Nanny was placed in my home a few months before I was born, so she could feed my imagination with regards to the enchanted realm.

Nanny is my Guardian and is meant to keep me from harm.

Bob Bowfinger is Nanny's assistant.

I have questions, so many questions: Why did Nanny never reveal who she is? Why and from what or who do I need protection? How is Bob Bowfinger supposed to help me? For heaven’s sake why am I even having these thoughts (is this even real?) and why oh why does it appear as if people/ folk have been conspiring against me my whole life!

I’m overcome with sudden feelings of sadness and loneliness, the one person I felt I knew and trusted more than anyone else in the world is not who I thought she was at all. A tear runs down to my little black nose. I can't bear this heartbreak a second longer. I have been deceived!! My whole life is a lie. I just want to lie on my bed and sob into my pillow, and OH WOE IS ME!! Now I’m stuck in the body of a mouse and I am not even sure how to turn myself back into me.

Having a quick look around and see Nanny and Bob have moved towards the back door. I run so fast until reaching  the now enormously high stairsI hop up to my room. Exhausted, my heart is beating in my throat. I hide behind the leg of my bed and finally I release my sobs. I sob and sob and sob. I'm emotionally drained and exhausted from exerting myself physically to get back to my room. I don't know how to turn myself back into me, and at this point I'm so despondent that I don't care. Laying my weary head between my front paws, I drift off, sad and lonely to my

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