Monday, 7 May 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 7

Hastily and absentmindedly I wash.  I get out of the steaming tub, feeling fresh, my body pink, I wrap my towel around me.

Now what was it again? Oh yes that's right, Butterpetal Bloom had reeled them off.

There should be:
A wand, standard issue from what I recall.
A red velvet bag, yes that's right, Faerie Dust!! Secretly I can't wait to use that.
An opalescent orb - to bring the message home. Just what does that mean exactly?
A spell, ooh yes!! My very own spell, I wish I had it right now.

A small cloud of diamond dust surrounds me, I'm momentarily blinded but just as suddenly it's gone.
What was that all about? I am not sure I can cope with all these strange goings-on. I take stock:
I have seen a little door, been "abducted" from my room, miniaturised and be- winged then taken
in to another world. Then on top of all that I have been commanded by this bee sized person to save her people??? Oh and not to forget, got a telling off from Nanny too!

What?? Did this all really happen to me? And if it did happen, why me?

My eyes are drawn downward, I look at my feet. There, between my bare feet lies the tree bark covered book.

It's real!! It's all real!! I shake my head as I need to register all this information. Slowly and unsure of myself I bend down and pick up the little book. It fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. I move over to my bed,  sit down and pull my towel around me as if it will give me some possible protection from what I'm about to do.

Tentatively I open the book.

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