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Knocking on Faerie Door Part 21

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 21

Sleep did not come easily this night. My thoughts kept retracing every word those hideous creatures had spewed out onto my poor unwitting parents. My parents were good people albeit a tad too socially pre-occupied. They were good, kind people who wanted to be like and respected by all, which made them sitting ducks for the trolls’ onslaught of lies.

The time passes slowly; I hear the chirping of the dawn chorus. Thinking to myself what a pity it is that so many people miss this melodic welcoming in of the new day, as they slumber.

My mind still not quietened by the roar of last night’s conversation, I rise and head towards the window from which BB led me all those days ago. My chest feels tight and I need to open the window for fresh air. The window seems stiff tonight, but I realise that it’s my fatigue preventing strength from coming  to my limbs.

I decide to press my face against the cool window pane. It feels refreshing. As my eyes close and reopen there is movement down below that catches my eye. Placing both hands on the window pane, I try my best to get a look at the goings on down below.

Trolls!!! This time in their natural form, all huddled in a group and very clearly discussing something of major importance. This is evident from their serious expressions and animated movements. They may even be having a quarrel.

Again I try and open the window pane, but to no avail. If I were allowed to curse, now would be the time to do it. “Oh bother!” I blurt out aloud. Suddenly below me is a flurry of activity and then nothing. Had I not known better; I would have guessed it to be a whirlwind playing with the leaves that had fallen from the trees.

My bedroom door opens and my heart nearly stops! Swirling around I see Nanny enter my room. Nanny is holding a special box, the type in which very expensive and usually very pretty dresses are delivered. Wide awake I rush at Nanny. Nanny smiles and steps aside, so that I cannot run into her.

“Sorry Nanny” I say yet clearly I don’t mean it. Nanny can see the excitement etched on my face. Nanny smiles and says “Who is the luckiest girl I know then?”

“Me!!” I exclaim excitedly. Nanny holds that beautiful box aloft, as I try and jump to reach it. After of teasing for a few minutes, Nanny finally lowers the box onto my bed. I scramble over to the bed, and more importantly the box!

Nanny holds up her had as to halt my progress. It works.

“What is it Nanny?” I enquire, “Do you not wish for me to have a lovely new dress from father?”  My excitement was somewhat quashed.

“The dress, my dear girl is not a gift from your father.” Nanny’s tone is cold. I am confused.

“Who else would buy me a dress then, Nanny?”  “It must be mother!” I exclaim.

Nanny simply looks downcast and shakes her head.

“Please tell me Nanny, I can’t bear waiting.”  Nanny says one name “Mrs Lawly”

Oh no!! I can’t possibly accept anything from troll-woman, what was I to do? Thinking out loud I say “Well I don’t want anything from that woman/troll.”

Nanny places her hands upon her ample lap, looks sternly at me and says “You have to accept this dress Winifred, it would be considered very rude and impolite to turn it down and your parents would be mortified and socially disgraced”

Never having recalled Nanny ever using a string of such important words all at once, the severity of such a decision dawned on me like a yolk about my neck.

“There is more,” says Nanny “She has written a poem for you to read at the breakfast gathering this very morning.” Nanny continued “You will find it in the box with your new dress.”

I did not like the sound of this, no, not one little bit! Gingerly I move forward that box is no longer a prize but a poison. It comes not from my loving father, but from my nemesis! My feet feel like lead and my heart the same. How am I to show gratitude for something I do not wish to have nor wear?

Nanny urges me on “Go on Winifred, open the box and see what the dress looks like, I’m sure it will be beautiful” her voice still cold is not convincing me at all. Yet to satisfy her I reach out and open the box.

The dress is simply fantastic! It has embroidery of scarlet roses all along the hemline and the puffy cuffs. The embroidery must’ve taken absolute ages, its exquisite! The dress is snow white and pure silk, with a huge sash bow to fit around my waist. I secretly love the dress.

“Nanny, I suppose I have to wear this to save face.” I say not very convincingly yet I’m sure Nanny understands.

I sit down on my bed next to Nanny; I turn to look at her. “I need to tell you what I heard last night Nanny” and go on to tell her all I’d overheard whilst hiding behind the oak door. I also tell her what had happened before she strode through the doorway, this morning.

Nanny looks very worried. Our thoughts together turn to the poem I’m meant to read at breakfast. My stomach does flips and I’m feeling positively ill. I am turning pale. Nanny sees this and brings over a glass of water.

Nanny puts her hand in the box and removes the embellished paper, with the most ornate handwriting either of us has ever seen. There are a lot of curls and loops and swoops in this handwriting and it takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the text.

NO!! NO!! NO!! I simply cannot and will not read this poem! I burst into tears and cling to Nanny in sheer desperation.” Nanny they want me to read aloud. They want me to say those words!!! What am I to do??? Please help me Nanny!”

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