Sunday, 1 July 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 18

The dinner bell rings, hastily I make my way to the dining hall. It’s such a grand room especially when it’s dressed to impress. Today we have really pulled out all the stops. The linen table cloths and napkins are bright white. Silverware is laid out and shining proudly on the tablecloth. When the silver domed cloches come out they will be perfectly complimented. The centrepiece on the table was a silver filigreed candelabra, which spreads light really well across the long highly polished walnut table. There are bouquets of flowers set on tables in the corners of the room.

Nervously yet hurriedly I enter the room, my orb clasped firmly in my down-turned fist.  After been introduced around to the trolls and humans I took my place, to the right of mother. Mother and father made a truly handsome couple in their finery. Mother wore her diamonds. I do so long to own diamonds myself one day.

To the right of father sat Mr and Mrs Gruntly who appeared as perfectly respectful and dignified guests however, I knew their secret! The overpowering perfume emitting from Mrs Gruntly bears witness to the fact that she was covering her own hideous odour. Of this I am convinced. To the right of them was the human couple Mr & Mrs Steele, Americans whose drawl was rather difficult to understand. Mr Steele was in construction the irony of which did not fail me. The couple sat to their right were Mr & Mrs Agnostica, a name which I thought sounded very exotic, perhaps even Italian. Mother was at the other head of the table on the side farthest from the door through which Nanny and Mr Bowfinger would come to serve the food. I was sat next to mother as I’ve mentioned and to my right yet more trolls. Yes Mr & Mrs Oldhorn; and from what I saw through the orb it describes his crooked bent back and twisted fingers and gnarled looking face perfectly. The last couple who sat to the right of them and the left of my father were introduced as Mr & Mrs Lawly, he was a solicitor. I remind myself to ask nanny what that means, his wife was very proud to be an educated lady and a teacher in the local school.

Conversation begins to flow, all about things that are of little or no consequence to me. Nanny appears through the door and is closely followed by Mr Bowfinger, both are carrying trays filled with breads and meats. Nanny’s eyes dart from guest to guest as she puts down dish after dish, Mr bowfinger follows suit.

Before my eyes Nanny seems to grow ever paler. Bob Bowfinger appears to be getting slower and slower. The next course of food and all the subsequent courses are brought through by some of the kitchen staff. Mother looks dismayed, but says nothing of her confusion as to why Nanny & Mr Bowfinger have not reappeared. The cloches are looking magnificent and as they are lifted the platters of game meats and fowl are revealed. Many an ooh and and an aah is heard around the table as the wonderful smell fills the air.

Mother seems to have forgotten her confusion regards the disappearance of Nanny & Mr Bowfinger, I however have not. My ears prick up, the conversation has turned from politics of the day to FAERIES!!! Yes these distinguished “people” are discussing Faeries!!

Mrs Lawly states “ It’s simply preposterous to think that these little flying creatures are miniature people”  “they are mere fantasy and all children who believe in such nonsense should be disciplined” “ It’s taking the children away from learning real life”

Mr Lawly interjects “Indeed, it’s all codswallop”

“Surely it’s harmless fun?” says the kindly Mrs Steele

“Oh No Mrs Steele, once these children believe in faerie folk; all reality seems to be dismissed” retorts Mr Gruntly

Listening intently and not wanting to give away anything I slide a little lower down in my chair, hoping that none of the guests would choose this time to ask me anything.

Then as I’d wriggled down and thought myself safe, the worst imaginable thing happened….

“Winifred” said Mrs Agnostica ,“ What do you think of faeries?” “Do you believe in Faeries?”

My face pales I can feel the blood draining from head……

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