Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 19

Slowly I feel myself drifting back and see that I’m surrounded by adults, all looking rather puzzled as to how I came to be lying on the floor, when just minutes earlier I was perfectly fine.

Matilda, the apprentice cook, lifts me to my feet and hastily takes me from the room. Matilda was clearly embarrassed at being in such “elegant” company. As we make to leave the room, mother’s voice reaches me “Rest now my little one”. I love when mother speaks to me. We are just about to reach the door, when it dawns on me…. My orb!! Where is my orb?

My eyes dart about the room like a fly against a window pane, I glimpse it just as we turn the corner, it’s rolled into the middle of the room, under the huge dining table. How the relief swept over me. For two reasons; one thing I knew my orb would be safe and the other thing I knew was that I’d averted that very direct question about believing in faeries.

Lying on my bed, my mind wandered all over the place. Why had Nanny and Mr Bowfinger not returned to serve the dinner guests? What were the guests doing at my home? Did the subject of believing in faeries come up by chance or on purpose? Will my orb be safe?

There was a knock at my door, Nanny walked in. “Are you feeling better now, Winifred?” she asked kindly as she sat on the edge of my bed and stroked my hair.

“I’m fine now, thank- you Nanny” I replied. I noticed how much older and frailer she looked, almost as if something, some inner spark or glow had been put out.

“Nanny, I asked are you feeling alright, why is it that you and Mr Bowfinger never returned to serve the rest of the dinner?”

“Mr Bowfinger and I both started feeling very unwell” she replied

“We both became rather faint and felt like the very life was being drained from us”

I jumped to my feet excitedly exclaiming “Nanny I know why!”

“You know why?” Nanny looked perplexed.

“Trolls” I blurted out, “The dinner guests were trolls, Nanny” I explained

“But how do you know this Winifred?” asked Nanny

“I was given an orb by Butterpetal Bloom, it allows me to see the truth” I continued to explain how I’d hidden behind the vase and from my deductions and spying I surmised that we were entertaining trolls, every one of them except Mr & Mrs Steele.

“You must have felt the trolls’ presence in the room and that’s why your inner lights grew dim, and you both became ill” I confidently concluded.

“That must be it, but why are they here? What do they want with your parents?”

“I’m not certain, but I think they wanted me to say that I don’t believe in faeries, fortunately I became faint and did not have to answer”

Nanny said “That’s it! You must be on your guard at all times now, they must know about your mission to save us.” “They are going to do their best to get you to say you don’t believe in faeries, and if you ever do, your mission will be over and all fairies lights will fade away”

I knew this meant that it’s up to me to keep the faeries alive!veronicastewar4.blogspot.com


  1. This is lovely Veronica :) Really enjoying the story. x

    1. Thanks B.
      Really enjoying growing her character and the story line