Saturday, 14 July 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 20

Creeping down the passage on tip toes, and placing myself with my back against the wall at the top of the stairs, I strained my ears to hear what was being said.

There were the gruffer tones of the gentlemen entwined with the more melodic tones from the ladies, more than one conversation was being had. I couldn’t decipher one from the other. This annoyed me, as I desperately wanted to know what was being said and if anything was being said about me!

I despise these trolls and there is nothing ever in the whole wide world that could make me like them, my mind made up that they were the worst of worst creatures that ever could exist.

They were mean, they were deceitful, and they were horrid, stinky, foul and just plain old deplorable! I will not be caught out, for if I utter those terrible words (I’m not even going to mention them now) the whole mission would be off, and the consequences dire. I couldn’t even bear to think about it.

Silly me! How could I say those words when I truly know that faeries do in fact exist?

This thought has put my mind as ease, for now.  Edging closer to the staircase my back still firm against the wall, my attention is once again on the conversation from the dining hall. Oh curse the size of that room; it all seems rather pointless sitting up here so far away from the action. Plan in mind I tiptoe quietly to the dining hall, managing to remain undetected as the adults enjoy their animated chatter, I hide behind the big oak wood door.

It comes to me clear as a bell “Winifred simply must be told that Faeries are for silly girls and not one of her standing and intelligence and it would be seen as simply disgraceful for her to admit in proper company that the fanciful creatures are real.”

Mothers voice was polite in return; “Why thank you for your words of advice, it would be simply awful for Winifred to return to her boarding school with such tales, especially as the subject is in proper circles considered preposterous, I will make sure she is aware not to mention faeries to any of her school friends, as I’m sure she’d be embarrassed in front of them.”

“That’s very good, Florence” responded the troll woman Mrs Lawly. As if she’d imparted some very important topic to be avoided in polite company information to my poor mother who was clearly feeling “out of touch” now.

My cheeks grew ever hotter as I stood behind the door and heard how the trolls each subtly took turns in trying to persuade mother and then father as to the very difficult position they would find themselves in socially, if I were to speak to anyone about faeries.

How dare they do this? They are so manipulative!!! I was furious as I heard each one of those sneaky, despicable creatures try and work their persuasions onto my unwitting parents with such sheer ease and impact.

“Faeries... no! never mention faeries; they are indeed made up in the minds of lunatics. You wouldn’t want people to think she’s lost her mind and for her to be put in an asylum? Would you?”

And “Socially it’d be suicide, folk would think your daughter is an uneducated fool.” And “Not to worry, as long as Winifred never mentions faeries, life will continue to be good both in business and socially, as no self-respecting business man would consider dealing with the father of a lunatic, as they would not want the social stigma of being associated with one who has such delusions.” Then Father agreed and laughter followed. I was really mad now!

Well they most certainly are crafty underhanded and (did I mention smelly?) creatures I have ever set my eyes upon in my entire 11 years on this earth!!

I have a plan, I will simply never utter the word “Faeries” in front of my parents, then they will never have to ask me if I believed and they wouldn’t insist on me never mentioning faeries to anyone. I snuck back to my room with one very happy thought;

Problem solved!!!

Or so I thought………


  1. Was holding my breath at points as was sure she's be discovered.

    Must find time to go back to the beginning and read it all, you paint such a vivid picture, truly great. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, it means the world to me that you have taken time to leave feedback. Thank you very much!! I'm pleased you enjoyed it. *happy dance*