Friday, 6 July 2012

A decade or a day?

It's been ten years, a decade yes
Since they came and made a mess
of your loved ones lives
as they stole you away

It was a lovely day as we celebrated
the impending birth of your namesake
your wife was there, no mistake
we had a great time, and I said goodbye as she left.

You went riding with your friend that day
the day the crims took you away
It was a good day to ride your bike
ow we wish they'd let you stay.

All you did was take a break
to have a chat , and decide your track
to smoke a cigarette
before you returned back

As you were about to leave
a shot rang out
and there you were left
no longer did you draw breath

Whilst waving goodbye to those who'd wished us well
the news reached us
You were  dead
What the hell?

Our minds were racing
What had just been?
Did we hear that right?
His little brother was dead?

Your wife and precious child,
oh such dread
Your brother, you were his biggest hero
Could not believe it in his head

The ramifications are still ongoing
How they took your life
reasons still mystify
A young man in his prime
with a young family
Why oh Why ?

It's a decade past but could just as well
be the last day past.
You will forever be close
you've not really gone
Oft we speak your name
knowing it will never be the same

You're just behind that door
Soon enough we will be with you,once more
When did this all happen
was it a decade or a day?

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