Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 15

“Winifred, Winifred!!” I hear Nanny’s voice; slowly I begin to focus on my surrounding. My mind rushes back to Goblins and Trolls oh my word! At the same time I chastise myself for always fainting when my mind goes into overdrive.

“Yes Nanny” answering timidly, not sure what else I’m about to hear, and seriously beginning to curse my inquisitive nature.

“There, there dear, I know that it’s all overwhelming” “Let me tell you all about it” Nanny continues. “You see many years ago there was peace and harmony among the fairies, goblins and trolls. Until the Goblins and Trolls started to take advantage of us fairies” “It all started with little things like us helping them with their laundry and looking after their babies and helping with all sorts of things really” “Then they started expecting us to do it for them, and started treating us badly” “Our Queen, whom I believe you’ve met, began taking umbrage to the way her subjects were being treated, and when our queen made her feeling known the trolls and the goblins became very angry and said that they’d put out all our lights if we didn’t continue working for them!” “Our queen tried to explain that we’d only been doing them a favour and that it wasn’t our job to work for them, they however would hear nothing of it. They are very lazy and very unkempt you see, and they knew that if we stopped looking after them they would be in their caves surrounded by garbage and smelling the same.”

“They then set about infiltrating the humans’ homes and school rooms and started spreading nasty rumours that fairies don’t exist. They know that as long as children believe in us, our lights will shine and we can live our naturally long lives.”

“So that is why you must be very careful, they are deceitful and sly. They will stop at nothing to get their revenge on us, even though all we ever did was helping them and being kind to them.”

“Nanny” I replied “I’m sure that I will easily be able to recognise a goblin or a troll”

“Don’t be so sure, they are masters of trickery and disguise, they shape shift to look just like humans!”

“How then Nanny, am I supposed to recognise them?”

“Use your orb, my sweet” “All you do is look through the crystal orb and the person’s true identity will be revealed”  “Thus driving the message home”

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place, my quest ever clearer. My resolve to help the fairies is concrete.

“Thank you Nanny, I will do my best” I replied to Nanny; incensed by the audacity of those goblins and trolls. “I will make them sorry and help the fairies lights glow brightly once more”

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