Saturday, 2 June 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door part 11

Again my patent leather shoes and knee high socks were at the bottom of the stairs, this time they were not neatly placed, they were shrew about the bottom stair in my haste. My objective is the old Oak at the bottom of the garden. I must see if I can make contact with Butterpetal Bloom once more.

Perhaps she would be able to tell me what has happened, how or why my life as I know it, has been turned up on its head over the last few days. Why? Yes I must know why!! There are so many questions running through my mind.

A thought occurs to me, I should have written my questions down, to order them in my mind and so that I don't forget a single question.

As I approach the last quarter of our immense garden, I find myself in awe of my surroundings. I have never really stopped to appreciate the carefully manicured lawns, the perfectly planted borders. How each hedge is cut to conformity and the sweet scents of the herbs and fruits fill the air.

I reflect for a moment; how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such natural splendour!! But on with my mission, to get the information required. My feet hasten their pace, feeling each blade of grass on this perfect lawn, crease and fold underfoot. It is still moist with morning dew. Droplets form on my feet.

There it is; the tree of whimsy. My pale yellow dress in its satin smoothness caresses my knees as I make my way southward. My knees edge out behind me; hands are placed at the base of the tree on the tufts of grass that hide the door to the faerie realm.

So now I am level with the door, I edge my hand forward, this time without hesitation. The grass is parted I place my lips close to the door and whisper "Butterpettal Bloom", "are you in there?" "We must simply speak"

The door swings open; I hear a very agitated twittering and chirping coming from the ground. With my eyes squinting, the vision becomes clear. Butterpetal Bloom is clearly not pleased to see me! Hurriedly I whisper my spell:

Take me high
Take me low
Make me wings
Make me glow

I dream about
a place to go
how I need to look
I'm sure you know

So take me now
Here I am
I want to be

The familiar feeling comes over me, the jelly feeling, the shrinking has happened. Luckily no wings this time, so no telling off from she who cannot be trusted . Relief washes over me. Explaining rips again.... not something I'd even want to contemplate.

Down at faerie level, I am confronted with equal sized very angry, hands on hips, foot stamping, scowling and very loud Butterpettal Bloom. "Just what are you doing?" she demands of me. "You very nearly caused a quake indoors!" All the babies are crying & their nursemaids are mad at me”. Oh dear I'm for it now.

"Furthermore, she began...."

I burst into tears...

I lay for the second time in as many days, as a rumpled teary mess on the ground, again not in my original form. I want this to stop!! I can't bear much more!

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