Monday, 11 June 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 14

There is so much information for me to take on board, I’m quiet overwhelmed. At last I have the answers I was looking for. They are maybe not the best answers but they are my answers none the less.

Wobbling slightly on my feet when I rise, I say thank you to BB, and she leads me back to the door. As I leave I look back at all these magical creatures and it all seems quiet surreal, apart from the fact that I am looking at faerie folk, they all seem so sad. One faerie wave’s farewell to me, I’m not sure if the wave is reluctant or hopeful.

What a huge responsibility I bear. Right I cannot let them down; I have to come up with a plan.  I must tell Nanny that I know her true identity and that of Bob Bowfinger. They will surely help me to work out what the best plan is.

The first thing is to work out why the lights started to dim and die, and the faeries along with them. What or who could have caused such a terrible thing to befall the faeries?

“Nanny!!” I called as I reached the top of the stairs leading onto the sun terrace. I loved the terrace it was big and the wooden floors looked splendid, we had white wicker furniture with puffy cushions and huge plant pots with all manner of fern tree dotted about. Sometimes I’d sit out on the chairs and read the latest story book that daddy occasionally brings home for me from London.

I call again “Nanny!” and race through the hallway towards the kitchen; there I almost knock poor Nanny off her feet. “Winifred! How many times have I told you not to run in the house?”

“Sorry Nanny” I said, and hastily added “Oh Nanny I know everything!!”

“Everything?” “Whatever are you talking about dear girl?”

“Nanny we can’t talk here, can we talk somewhere private?”

Nanny lead me off into the pantry, it was a large room which was off the side of the kitchen and held all our dried foods, cereals, rice, sugar, coffee and the like. There was more than enough space in there for another three or four people to fit comfortably. Nanny carefully looked around to make sure the kitchen staff were still on their break, then without any further ado, pulled the door closed. We were in total darkness, I blinked and my eyes slowly adjusted to their new dark surroundings.

“Nanny I know all about your people” I whispered. Nanny looked down at me with a wry smile. “I’m sorry” she said “For having deceived you all this time” “Butterpetal sent me word that you know” “Mr Bowfinger and I will help you anyway we can” “Please be careful my dear” she followed on. “Those dreadful goblins and trolls are not to be messed with”  she said now staring at me with intent through the inky blackness in the pantry.

My mind snapped over suddenly goblins and trolls no one said anything about goblins and trolls. I feel like the ground is opening up beneath my feet again…..

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