Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door part 13

BB brings over a cup of nectar, which she informs me was harvested early morning by the army of bees that work for the Queen. The nectar is so sweet and warm it slides like liquid gold down my parched throat. I sigh a thank you to BB. Her beautiful gown and wings dazzle, she walks effortlessly towards her chair, just to the right of me, and taking up her own cup of nectar takes a long swing. Thinking to myself that BB probably needs sustenance to work with the like of silly little ol’ me.

“You have questions, Winifred” she says. “That’s completely understandable”. “Let me start by saying; we were rushed, and we never expected the lights to start fading as rapidly as they have!”

“We thought we’d still have a few years to ready you for all of this” she says matter of fact, shrugging her shoulders. “It was never our intention to drop all of this on you with no proper preparation, I apologise”. She continued “The Queen is not good at humility, given her status I’m sure you can see why.” “This must be awfully difficult for you, as you are still so young. Please believe me when I say to you, my folk had no other option. You were chosen you see, before you were even born.”

Taking another long drink of my warm nectar, and glancing up over the rim of my cup I acknowledge that I understand.

BB continues “Thirteen years ago, at around the turn of the season from autumn to spring, we started to notice that a few our lights had started to dim, not many, but enough for us to notice. We tracked the trend and what started as only five faeries lights dimming, quickly multiplied to twenty five, which then multiplied again.” “Fortunately for us there are millions of faeries in this garden and the fields and meadows beyond, however we started to hatch our plans to secure the future of Faerie Folk in case it became worse.”

“Our worst fears became reality after only a few short months, and action was urgently required!” “Fortunately your mother had just learned that she was to become a mother, so we placed Delores Daffodil with sparkling references, at your mother’s door, just as soon as your mother was thinking about getting in hired help, to assist her in taking care of you”

“It was with great joy that we celebrated your birth in our Kingdom, knowing that you would be the child who would bring our lights back!” “How we danced and sang and fluttered the night away, we even had unicorn races in the adjoining field at midnight. Humans had reported seeing fireflies in the meadow late that night. Oh how we all laughed, as we are so often mistaken for fireflies.”

“If the truth is to be told there had been an overindulgence of nectar and fairy cakes that night too, many faerie children complaining of tummy ache, and some of the adult faeries complaining of similar ailments too.” “We were all just so pleased, you see, for your arrival. It was indeed the best party I have ever attended.”

BB went on to say “there has been little since that day to celebrate, our faeries lights are going out and their lives with them.” A silver tear dropped from her reddening eyes. “Millions of faeries now stand at merely tens of thousands, this figure is dropping daily” “we are trying to encourage our lights not to glow too brightly so they can be sustained, that’s why we are using artificial light” “This however is not an answer and daily our numbers are dwindling” “Can you see my dear child, why we need you so?”

My heart feels like a stone in my chest.

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