Thursday, 21 June 2012

Knocking at Faerie Door Part 16

With my resolve firmly set in my mind, I go and wash ready for dinner. Nanny has said that mother and father want to see me tonight at dinner, as they have guests joining them. I devise a plan immediately. I need to find the whereabouts of my orb and then, it shall accompany me to the dinner. Hopefully I will be able to try it out on all these important people.

It will be grand to have dinner with mother and father again, I know Nanny will be serving in her stark white, freshly starched pinafore. I love seeing Nanny in charge with the silverware shining (I always find my reflection in the cloches very funny) and the crystal glasses sparkling under the silver candle lit chandeliers

Emerging from my bathtub, all pink again, I realise that I must’ve been deep in thought as I had not noticed that Nanny had been in and laid out my clothes for the dinner party. I know how privileged I am to have the fabulous dresses I have. Father has really spoilt me this time around. The dress is lilac, my very favourite colour!  It is a sweetheart neckline with short puff sleeves, and a bask waist, the hem is at calf length and fringed with pretty handmade lace. Oh the feel of satin against my skin, it’s just divine. As soon as the dress is over my head, I hear the familiar footsteps of Nanny. My head is now through and I see Nanny sitting on the edge of my bed, her hands are folded over a white box. Curios I ask “Nanny what is in that box?”

Nanny says with a sly smile “It’s a surprise young lady”  

“Please tell me Nanny!”  I just love surprises and Nanny knows this. She teases me further by stroking the box them drumming her fingers on it and rolling her eyes skyward.

“Nanny” “Don’t tease me! Please, please tell me now” my voice has a whine to it. Nanny doesn’t like whining I know this.

Patting the bed Nanny motions me to sit beside her, I immediately do so, and my stomach is turning summersaults; I need to breathe. What could possibly top my lilac dress?  

Nanny was slowly lifting the lid of the box and peeking inside, then dropping it down again, and shrugging her shoulders at me.

“Please, please, please!” Nanny I begged with a mock smile and clasped hands. I was bouncing up and down with what was a mixture of pure delight at the prospect of what lay within the box and absolute anguish at not being able to get at its contents.

Finally Nanny slid the lid off the box one agonizing centimetre after one agonizing centimetre. There in that cold white box I saw tissue paper, there was a hint of something peeking out beneath. What can it be? Nanny opens the tissue paper and nestled in it lay the most wonderful pair of shoes I had ever been privileged enough to set my eyes on.

White patent leather!!! Sooooo excited.  Nanny says “that’s not all!” “Not all?” I am so overwhelmed by the gifts of the dress and the shoes that my eyes are welling up. Surely there can’t be any more. Nanny puts her hands in her pinafore pocket. And slips out a little packet she opens it for me, out of her hands roll a pair of hose!

“Mummy and Daddy have decided that you are now old enough for your first pair of hose” Nanny informs me. Tears stream down my face; I am so blessed to have all this luxury given to me. “Dry your tears sweet girl” and get your silk gloves from the drawer, Let me show you how to put these on without putting ladders in them.”

Nanny with gloved hand pushed he fingers to the tip of the hose, and then pushed the hose down her arm, and holding onto the roll that this formed Nanny instructed me to put one foot after the other in, her gloved hands then unfurled the hose up my legs and around my bottom and snapped it against my waist. They feel so smooth against my legs. I feel all grown up. Nanny ties my hair up in a pretty ribbon before leaving my room.

Momentarily I had forgotten my plan, but before I leave it dawns on me.

Quietly I stand in the centre of my room and think “Orb, I need you.” And within seconds there is a weight in my hand; instinctively I know my orb has arrived.

I skip off down the corridor towards the staircase, orb in hand and plan afoot. This should be so much fun.


  1. Oh Nix. This is such a delightful tale. I'm loving how you described her excitement. Such a descriptive piece. Love it! x

  2. Thank you B, always so generous with your comments xxx#yourock