Saturday, 22 October 2016

Knocking on Fairie Door Part 34

Bethany remains transfixed on BP, the wonderment in her eyes obvious.
The fairie dust begins to work its magic.
BP quips " Bethany are you there?"
Bethany quickly composes herself and says
"I can hear you! I can see you! I knew you were real!"

BP replies "Pleased to make your acquaintance"

Bethany is now beaming as we sit under the old Oak. Alright, I think to myself, time to get serious.

"Bethany, this is really serious. I know you're very excited and probably still a little awestruck, however, you can not tell a single soul what you've witnessed today, do you understand?"

"Yes, of course, I well...I"

"You do understand that everything I've shared with you is the absolute truth and that BP and all the other fairie folk are in immense danger of being made extinct?"

"Yes, yes I do understand"

"So again I must reiterate that what you've learned today is not to be repeated to anyone, ever!"

"Yes I promise, not a word to anyone"

That sorted, we now need to strategise whilst we have time.
Bethany has agreed to work with BP and I to help overthrow the trolls and gain back the ground lost to children who believe in fairies. Or at least once did believe in Fairies, before those wretched trolls
took over positions of power and insisted that children who spoke of fairies were likely lunatics and needed to be taken from their families and locked away securely in asylums.

Once this law was passed, parents and children alike became fearful of the children discovering and discussing fairies. The fear of them being overheard and reported was too great to risk.
Thus making parents no longer able to entertain the children's flights of fancy and wild imaginative play. Parents were telling their children "Fairies are for lunatics and lunatics get taken from their families and locked away forever." They were saying " Fairies do not exist, and that they will not entertain any such nonsense" Often children were sent to their rooms without dinner as a punishment.
The parents of course did all this to protect their children from possibly being taken and locked in awful lunatic asylums.

Time has rushed on and we need to run at breakneck speed to our dormitory or be late for roll call. That is something Mr. & Mrs. Lawley would relish! The opportunity to ridicule and punish us for being late. Somehow we have escaped the wrath and slide in to our dormitory just as the huge doors at the end of the corridor swing open with force.

The stench of troll is making my stomach lurch and I do everything possible to hold myself together and not be sick. Mrs. Lawley draws closer, the stench engulfs me, I feel like my whole stomachs contents are about to be on display to the whole dormitory. She ebbs even closer, I cannot hold it in,
porridge pours from my stomach through my mouth and nostrils in what I can only describe as lava flow. It pours and pours wave after nauseous wave out onto the floor, over those huge shoes, which for the first time I notice have strange bulbous qualities to them. Troll feet!! OH my goodness gracious me!! What have it done? I've been sick all over Mrs. Lawleys feet! Oh dear now I'm going to be in such serious trouble!
The only good thing about this situation is that my vomit actually smells better than the Troll woman.

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