Friday, 28 October 2016

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 36

With mops in hand and buckets for of sulphurous smelling soap we set off back down the corridor towards the mess. BP suddenly appears, we both say "Thank you BP."
BP, Bethany and I all laugh at the mischievous prank that BP played on the Lawleys, once again getting me out of trouble. We are giggling and happy.
As we approach the mess in the corridor BP waves her wand and everything is spick and span. Me included,not a trace of my vomit anywhere!
Even the pots and pans are clean and packed neatly on top of each other.
Again we thank BP and withthat we pour the sulphurous water down a drain on the side of the corridor, it's usually meant to be for taking rain water away from the building. Soon enough we were carrying the now perfectly clean pots and pans back to the scullery. Cook seems very pleased to see such lovely clean pots, but seems confused as to why we should be returning them.
We never give her any time to ask. We return the empty buckets and mops to the janitors room, the janitor is not in.

I whisper to BP that we will meet again this afternoon after lessons, at the old Oak tree as I have some news to share with her. I smell troll stench just as BP leaves and flies up high into the sky.

"All done I see! Now off to class the both of you!"

We don't wait to be told twice and we walk hurriedly to class.
The rest of the day Bethany and I are able to have a few moments here and there
to discuss what I'd seen, but we had to be very very careful indeed. These walls have ears and for all we know they could Literally have ears!
The day seems to drag, lesson after lesson after lesson....
finally the bell rings and that signals the end of the day's lessons.

Bethany and I can barely contain our excitement, we run-walk down corridor after corridor, trying not to draw attention to ourselves. Once on the lawn we run as fast as our legs can carry us, we crumple in a heap of giggles at the base of the old Oak.
Within seconds we see BP?

"So what is the big news then?" She asks.
I go on to tell her all about how we looked around Mrs.Lawleys office and how I came across a book of runes.
BP is so excited to hear this news her wings begin to shimmer as I've never seen before. Her face is glowing now too! Oh this must be good news I surmise to myself.
Bethany says "What are we to do?" "Should we try and get it?"
BP responds " I will consult with the Queen" looking at me he says "use the orb, tell Nanny and Bob Bowfinger what has happened"
"I will" I say nodding my head.

"Right, we will meet back here in 3 days, and not a word of your discovery to anyone!"
We agree wave goodbye and head back to the dormitory. We are whispering all about
what our find may mean. Bethany asks "what's the orb?"
I giggle and say " I'll tell you later" we have entered the corridor and that stench envelopes me once more

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