Sunday, 5 October 2014

Knocking on Fairie Door Part 33

Fortunately the school day passes with no event. I have managed to get past Mr & Mrs Lawley
all day! I'm feeling on top of the world.

I remember my promise to meet up with Bethany, and as I head down to the old Oak, I feel a fluttering of wings by my ear. I have learnt not to smack at the sound of flapping, which is lucky for BP as she has just landed on my shoulder.

BP says "This is exactly what we need, we need people to believe"

"But" I say "Bethany already believes, so why should I tell her ?"

"You made a promise, remember?" says BP

"Yes I remember, but how much do I tell her?" "Can I really trust her?"

"You can trust her, after all she put herself in harms way, to save you. Doesn't that show she's trustworthy?" asks BP

"Yes I suppose you're right! I will tell her, it'll be grand not to have this secret to myself"

I see Bethany is already waiting at the tree. Im happy to see her. I begin to run over to her, brimming with excitement. BP almost loses balance and quickly flies down to my blazer pocket.

"Hello" we both say almost simultaneously, and we giggle at that.

I look around to ensure no one else is near, I sit down making sure my blazer pocket is not crumpled or sat on & I motion with a patting on the grass, for Bethany to sit down next to me.

I look at Bethany & her excitement is palpable. Her eyes are shining and she looks even more beautiful.

In hushed tones, I begin with my story and how it all began with a walk from my bedroom window, I miss nothing out.

Bethany is as quiet as a mouse, she listens and absorbs every crumb of information I feed her.
Bethany is completely intrigued and bewildered. What happens next is the icing on the cake for Bethany. Butter petal Bloom emerges from my blazer pocket and causally say "Good Afternoon Bethany" all Bethany can hear is a squeak!

We will have to fix that says BP with a sprinkle of fairy dust.

Bethany sits transfixed on the little figure that is BP.

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