Sunday, 5 October 2014

Knocking on Fairie Door part 32

Bethany then turned to me and winked!

She knows!! Oh my word Bethany knows!!! What am I going to do?? if Bethany knows, who has she told? Who else knows? Will Mrs Lawley find out?? Will she ring my parents and have me put in an asylum? I'm feeling desperate now.

I sit down to eat, my porridge is already cold. I don't even care, my mind keeps going over the events of the past evening & of Bethany and her brave actions.
Bethany slides in next to me and in a hushed voice says "Oh Winnie, you must tell me!"

"I must tell you?" I intentionally put on a quizzical expression as if to say "what are you talking about?"

"Winnie, I saw it, last night, in our dormitory"

I reply "you must've dreamt that also"

"Winnie, please tell me, I promise I'll keep it a secret" Bethany continues "you see, I have always believed  in fairies"

"SHHHHHH" I say a little too loudly.

The rumbling murmur in the hall hushed to complete silence, which in turn causes raised suspicion.

"Sorry" I meekly say & the rumbling murmur thankfully continues.

I give Bethany a stern glare as she begins to talk again.

"I'll tell you after class, meet me on the field next to the old Oak tree"
I continue
"Don't be late or you'll miss out" I wink back at Bethany.

We have formed an alliance, just as BP had suggest I do. I hadn't realised that it would come about in this fashion, however, I'm delighted it has.

Now to get through the rest of the day avoiding Mr & Mrs. Troll-face, I think to myself as I finish off the cold porridge, hand my plate in and head for class.

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