Friday, 28 October 2016

it's worth a try: Knocking on Faerie Door Part 36

it's worth a try: Knocking on Faerie Door Part 36: With mops in hand and buckets for of sulphurous smelling soap we set off back down the corridor towards the mess. BP suddenly appears, we bo...

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 36

With mops in hand and buckets for of sulphurous smelling soap we set off back down the corridor towards the mess. BP suddenly appears, we both say "Thank you BP."
BP, Bethany and I all laugh at the mischievous prank that BP played on the Lawleys, once again getting me out of trouble. We are giggling and happy.
As we approach the mess in the corridor BP waves her wand and everything is spick and span. Me included,not a trace of my vomit anywhere!
Even the pots and pans are clean and packed neatly on top of each other.
Again we thank BP and withthat we pour the sulphurous water down a drain on the side of the corridor, it's usually meant to be for taking rain water away from the building. Soon enough we were carrying the now perfectly clean pots and pans back to the scullery. Cook seems very pleased to see such lovely clean pots, but seems confused as to why we should be returning them.
We never give her any time to ask. We return the empty buckets and mops to the janitors room, the janitor is not in.

I whisper to BP that we will meet again this afternoon after lessons, at the old Oak tree as I have some news to share with her. I smell troll stench just as BP leaves and flies up high into the sky.

"All done I see! Now off to class the both of you!"

We don't wait to be told twice and we walk hurriedly to class.
The rest of the day Bethany and I are able to have a few moments here and there
to discuss what I'd seen, but we had to be very very careful indeed. These walls have ears and for all we know they could Literally have ears!
The day seems to drag, lesson after lesson after lesson....
finally the bell rings and that signals the end of the day's lessons.

Bethany and I can barely contain our excitement, we run-walk down corridor after corridor, trying not to draw attention to ourselves. Once on the lawn we run as fast as our legs can carry us, we crumple in a heap of giggles at the base of the old Oak.
Within seconds we see BP?

"So what is the big news then?" She asks.
I go on to tell her all about how we looked around Mrs.Lawleys office and how I came across a book of runes.
BP is so excited to hear this news her wings begin to shimmer as I've never seen before. Her face is glowing now too! Oh this must be good news I surmise to myself.
Bethany says "What are we to do?" "Should we try and get it?"
BP responds " I will consult with the Queen" looking at me he says "use the orb, tell Nanny and Bob Bowfinger what has happened"
"I will" I say nodding my head.

"Right, we will meet back here in 3 days, and not a word of your discovery to anyone!"
We agree wave goodbye and head back to the dormitory. We are whispering all about
what our find may mean. Bethany asks "what's the orb?"
I giggle and say " I'll tell you later" we have entered the corridor and that stench envelopes me once more

Monday, 24 October 2016

it's worth a try: Knocking on Faerie Door Part 35

it's worth a try: Knocking on Faerie Door Part 35: As I was being lead down the corridor, by my ear, which was being pinched rather hard by Mrs Lawley, I look over my shoulder to see all the ...

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 35

As I was being lead down the corridor, by my ear, which was being pinched rather hard by Mrs Lawley, I look over my shoulder to see all the other girls giggling. Mrs Lawley turns around looks
at all the girls and is enraged!
"Bethany Beaulie! You come here at once! Clearly you find this so funny, that you can now join Winifred in her punishment!"

"Yes ma'am" Bethany hastens forward and falls in step with me. He eyes downcast, her mouth still has a smile on it.

Before we knew it we were stood in Mrs. Lawleys office. We were both looking at our feet shaking slightly. The smile on Bethany's face now a distant memory. Both of us are too afraid to look up.
Just then we hear a booming voice as the door swings open.

Mr. Lawley steps in and says "What's going on in here."

We both begin to shake a little, we knew what was coming next....

But just then a cacophonous clattering and banging occurred just outside the door.
Both Mr.& Mrs.Lawley raced out to see if they could see what had happened and more so, who had caused the ruckus.

Oh my goodness gracious me!! What a mess! It seems the contents of the pantry had been emptied out in the corridor. There were broken eggs, spilled milk, pots and pans and flour everywhere!!

Suddenly my stomach problems seemed the least of their worries, they both shot off in different directions looking for the culprits, Bethany and I sniggered. We had a very good idea as to who or rather what was behind that mess. Good old BP! So pleased she is here at school with me, heaven alone knows what would have happened if she didn't keep helping out.

Bethany and I remained in Mrs Lawleys' office. She was away for what seems ages & we were getting a tad bored. So we decided to have a look around her office. We were very careful to make sure nothing was distributed. Imagine the trouble we would be in if we were found out?

The glass cabinets hold no secrets, just the usual trophies and medals and year books from past years.
Mrs.Lawleys desk top looked like a typical teachers desk, with quills and ink pots and some very important looking paperwork.
Then those drawers..... should I ? I look over to Bethany, Bethany shakes her head vigorously at me.
I nod back, Bethany now shrugs her shoulders, her eyes darting back and forth betweeen me and the door. The corridor remains silent...
I reach for the drawer handle, both Bethany and I breath in, in unison. Gingerly I open the first drawer being ever so careful not to make a noise. The drawer begins to slowly creak and then before long the contents are revealed. Nothing of interest in there! Papers and quills and the usual stuff you'd expect.

Again I nod at Bethany, who is now keeping a watchful eye on the door and I could almost see her ears pricking up as if to listen even more closely for any movement in the corridor.
Slowly but surely the drawer gives and it makes a huge screeching sound as it does so. I'm sweating now and I'm so scared. The drawer opens fully and Oh My Goodness!!! There's an ancient ruins spell book just lying there, in the drawer!!
Before I know what I've done I pick up the book and page through it. My fingers tingling, Bethany craning her neck to see what I've discovered. Spells a whole book of spells!! I'm sure that this book holds the answers to all our questions..
suddenly Bethany starts waving frantically to me, and motions me to put the book back.
I quickly and quietly slip the book back into the drawer and slam the drawer shut. What a relief that the drawer doesn't screech again as it shuts.

I move as fast as I have ever moved in my entire life, I'm standing next to Bethany, my heart is thumping in my chest my mouth is dry.
The doors swing open again, Mrs Lawley and her stench enter the room. She glares at us and says " I suppose you two are not responsible for that mess in the corridor?" "However I expect you know full well who is, so as punishment you two will have the privilege of cleaning it all up, to my satisfaction "
"Yes ma'am" we answer in a sing song voice.
With that we are pulled up by our collars and pushed through the door with instructions to get cleaning equipment from  the janitor.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

it's worth a try: Knocking on Fairie Door part 32Bethany then turn...

it's worth a try: Knocking on Fairie Door part 32 Bethany then turn...: Knocking on Fairie Door part 32 Bethany then turned to me and winked! She knows!! Oh my word Bethany knows!!! What am I going to do...

Saturday, 22 October 2016

it's worth a try: Knocking on Fairie Door Part 34

it's worth a try: Knocking on Fairie Door Part 34: Bethany remains transfixed on BP, the wonderment in her eyes obvious. The fairie dust begins to work its magic. BP quips " Bethany ar...

Knocking on Fairie Door Part 34

Bethany remains transfixed on BP, the wonderment in her eyes obvious.
The fairie dust begins to work its magic.
BP quips " Bethany are you there?"
Bethany quickly composes herself and says
"I can hear you! I can see you! I knew you were real!"

BP replies "Pleased to make your acquaintance"

Bethany is now beaming as we sit under the old Oak. Alright, I think to myself, time to get serious.

"Bethany, this is really serious. I know you're very excited and probably still a little awestruck, however, you can not tell a single soul what you've witnessed today, do you understand?"

"Yes, of course, I well...I"

"You do understand that everything I've shared with you is the absolute truth and that BP and all the other fairie folk are in immense danger of being made extinct?"

"Yes, yes I do understand"

"So again I must reiterate that what you've learned today is not to be repeated to anyone, ever!"

"Yes I promise, not a word to anyone"

That sorted, we now need to strategise whilst we have time.
Bethany has agreed to work with BP and I to help overthrow the trolls and gain back the ground lost to children who believe in fairies. Or at least once did believe in Fairies, before those wretched trolls
took over positions of power and insisted that children who spoke of fairies were likely lunatics and needed to be taken from their families and locked away securely in asylums.

Once this law was passed, parents and children alike became fearful of the children discovering and discussing fairies. The fear of them being overheard and reported was too great to risk.
Thus making parents no longer able to entertain the children's flights of fancy and wild imaginative play. Parents were telling their children "Fairies are for lunatics and lunatics get taken from their families and locked away forever." They were saying " Fairies do not exist, and that they will not entertain any such nonsense" Often children were sent to their rooms without dinner as a punishment.
The parents of course did all this to protect their children from possibly being taken and locked in awful lunatic asylums.

Time has rushed on and we need to run at breakneck speed to our dormitory or be late for roll call. That is something Mr. & Mrs. Lawley would relish! The opportunity to ridicule and punish us for being late. Somehow we have escaped the wrath and slide in to our dormitory just as the huge doors at the end of the corridor swing open with force.

The stench of troll is making my stomach lurch and I do everything possible to hold myself together and not be sick. Mrs. Lawley draws closer, the stench engulfs me, I feel like my whole stomachs contents are about to be on display to the whole dormitory. She ebbs even closer, I cannot hold it in,
porridge pours from my stomach through my mouth and nostrils in what I can only describe as lava flow. It pours and pours wave after nauseous wave out onto the floor, over those huge shoes, which for the first time I notice have strange bulbous qualities to them. Troll feet!! OH my goodness gracious me!! What have it done? I've been sick all over Mrs. Lawleys feet! Oh dear now I'm going to be in such serious trouble!
The only good thing about this situation is that my vomit actually smells better than the Troll woman.