Sunday, 10 March 2013

Knocking on Fairie Door Part 30

I feel the tears of relief trickle down my face, I don’t even care. How happy my heart feels now that I have BP with me.

BP sits on my shoulder and says with a voice that is cold and stern “You cannot take your duties lightly and you must be very careful of these trolls”

“They have power over me, over all of us because they run the school’s hostel”

“We need to be clever, outsmart them at every turn”

“You’re staying with me BP?”

“Yes for now”

“Oh BP you don’t know how happy that makes me”

“There are other plans underfoot as well, but more about that later”

BP Continues “That was a close call today; you can never let those words leave your lips”

“I won’t, I promise”

BP gets more serious, if that was even possible.

“We need to spread the word that Fairies DO exist” and she continues “We cannot afford to be caught”

“How do I do that? I’m not allowed to mention Fairies as I may get into serious trouble with the Lawly”

We talk tactics until the sun creeps up into vision above the window sill. BP bids me farewell and I

Begin to get ready for the school day ahead.

With a spring in my step and a light heart I set about with my morning chores, making my bed and getting ready for school. I’m dressed and waiting when my dorm mates are only just beginning to stir.

As they ready themselves one by one, my mind goes over the plans that were laid out throughout the night and into the early hours. This is going to work. I know it is.

Once everyone is ready we leave for the dining hall, walking in single file as is the expectation.

We open the door and file in, immediately something feels wrong. Why are all the girls looking at us?

What have we done? We are not late are we? No we can’t be!

The air around me suddenly chills; I feel her presence before I see her.

A hush descends….

We all hold our collective breath, for what seems like an age. Then suddenly it comes.


Oh no!!! That’s us…. Does she know?

“Yes Mrs Lawly” we answer together in a sing song response, not one of us brave enough to turn and face the Troll woman. My nostrils fill with the stench of her and my tummy does a summersault. Knowing what is coming next made my stomach do flips and my legs begin to feel hollow, my head is light and I’m feeling faint. Holding it together I wait for the next outburst. My dorm mates are trembling too, do they fear her the way I do?

It appears so.

Then it came, the tirade from Mrs Lawly. “Who dare have their candles lit after lights out?”


“Answer me now!”

Silence again

“Who was it?”

Silence still

“I saw a light flashing at the window of Dormitory 13 last night and I want an answer now!”;postID=3317802425958391041

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