Monday, 25 February 2013

Knocking on Fairie Door Part 28

I retrieve the note from Mrs Lawly and with shoulders sagging and feet dragging I edge my way to my desk. The words upon the paper seem to jump up at me in a mocking way. Those dreaded words...

Faeries don't exist, so therefore they cannot make me late again.

My pen scratches on the paper line after line, word after word, sentence after miserable sentence the ink from my pen scratched across page after page, as if in protest.

"Winifred." My blood turns to ice once again. “Bring me your work." Unwilling legs move in slow motion in the direction of the instructor. Standing before her, my eyes downcast, my palms clammy and my nose filled with putrid fumes.

Her voice low and menacing, she says “Can you read that sentence to me Winifred?" the glee in her voice, like honey dripping from a comb. She was sure she could get me to deny that faeries exist.

Crash!!! The glass shards flying, the water splashing, her dress now soaked. What was that? What happened? Mrs Lawly is clearly furious, her nostrils are flaring as she walks in the direction that the projectile flew in from, the classroom window is shattered. The glass under her heels crunching, her demeanour is not inviting.

I think to myself that I'm fortunate that I'm not going to be blamed for that!

Mrs Lawly is enraged; she turns on her heel and stares down at me. I shrink back to avoid her glare, it doesn't help. Her voice now a bellow “Get out and go to your dormitory!!!"

I don't have to be told twice, I head to the door in double fast step, once the door is closed behind me I run as fast as I can, straight for the dormitory. Panting and trying to catch my breath I threw myself through the dormitory door and slammed it behind me. Still gasping I glance up at the five sets of eyes staring at me questioningly. Oh Dash it all.... they expect an answer.






  1. What a wonderfully descriptive piece. Loved 'my nose filled with putrid fumes'
    So glad you are writing again :) x

  2. Thank you Bernadette. Appreciate the comments as ever xxx