Monday, 8 October 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 25

As my mind whirls around and around, my attention is drawn to a sudden flicker near my feet. Slowly edging forward blinking my eyes for clarity, my senses alert. As I near the figure I recognise it as Butterpetal… my heart lifts ever so slightly. I make my wish. The jelly feeling takes hold and I’m faerie size again. My troubles are still as mountains ahead of me.

Butterpetal seems concerned too; oh no! This does not bode well for me. Whatever has gone wrong? Ever had that feeling of dread was over you? Well that’s exactly what it feels like now, as if the hands of the grim reaper was slowly creeping their death knell dance over my skin. 

Not saying a word, waiting for my cue from BP, I wait for the axe to fall. That sick feeling in my stomach rises to my throat.

“Are you feeling unwell?” BP asks her voice full of genuine concern, which eases my stomach a little.

“I’m very worried” I confess my mouth dry from panic

“You need to tell me everything, so that I can help you”

Help? BP is offering me help? Oh joy just what is needed in the current crises.

This time when I follow BP through the door at the base of the old Oak tree, all those first sights and memories flood back, but taking my time I absorb everything around me. The sounds and smells and sights are all mine in this moment. What sheer delight! The nursery seems quiet; I put it to the back of my mind. Then it dawns on me once all the opulent trimmings have been taken in; that the whole cave seems quieter.

BP seems on edge and very serious. My mind again starts playing tricks on me. Is it something I have or haven’t done that has caused BP to be so serious?

After hours of discussion and some brilliant nectar (gee I really like that drink) BP walks me back to the door; I give her a grateful hug and wave as I step over the threshold back into my own world. As I step through I mutter the spell and my size is back to normal.

With plans in my head and reasons for my commitment reinforced, I am happier and once again full of excitement for my mission.

I have but a few days left before I head back to boarding school. With a renewed zest for my mission and a plan in hand, I head back up the lush green lawn towards the house. Walking slowly my mind is sorting all the information that BP has given me into neat compartments. I will have a lot of really great bits of advice to fall back onto once I go back to boarding school. All my fears about how I will keep in touch with my dearest Nanny and Mr.Bowfinger, how my progress will be relayed back to BP and the Queen. Oooh the Queen… even thinking about her makes me straighten my posture, realising what I’ve done, causes me to smile at myself.

The stairs stretch out in front of me like a huge sugar mountain.

Ascending the stairs, my heart and mind are both at ease, the storm within is calmed.

Boarding School, I’m ready, here I come !!!

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