Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Knocking on Faerie Door Part 24

This time proceeding with more caution than before, I head towards the playroom. Once I enter I am again taken aback at just how beautiful a room this really is. There are tall ceilings and crystal chandelier, high windows draped in tapestry type curtains depicting a little girl chasing a ball. If I recall correctly Nanny had said it was specially woven for me.

In the far corner is a beautifully handcrafted rocking horse, the tail and mane of which are real horse hair. There is a dresser and a crib and a wardrobe full of little dresses for my special doll Abigail, whom I’ve had since I was three. She has golden hair, blue eyes and lips like a strawberry. She is beautiful and made from porcelain. I have always been told to treat her gently.

On the other side of the room is a little table which I’ve since outgrown, with four little chairs and I’ve outgrown them too. On the polished table top stands a china tea set, daddy said it was hand painted by a special lady, Clarice somebody.

I do love this room it always makes me smile, but I smile most of all when Nanny is in here with me. We shared many a laugh and a tear. In this very room I learned to love Nanny and grow with her guidance. I am so pleased to see her in here, and wonder how she knew I’d be coming as I have seldom set foot in the room this school holiday. Suddenly a thought comes to me… School!!!! I’ll soon be going back to boarding school. How on earth am I supposed to complete my mission when I’m tucked away at my very privileged school which is steeped in hundreds of years of history and tradition? How am I supposed to excel at my exams when I have my mission to worry about?

I see Nanny and run towards her, again my heart is light and I’m so excited to share my news about how I tricked the silly smelly old trolls.

I am caught up in a pillow of arms, swung around and a great big juicy kiss placed squarely on my cheek. Nanny says “You’ve done it!” “Well done my darling, I’m so proud of you for working that out and getting the better of those mean creatures”  

I am glowing with pride; Nanny’s praise is my crown. I am truly pleased that I have made Nanny happy.

I remember and a veil of displeasure slowly descends on me.

Nanny has noticed and says “Winifred my love, whatever is wrong? You were pleased as punch a moment ago, what is troubling you?”

“It’s school Nanny”, I reply honestly “What am I meant to do when I’m at school, and how will I complete my mission or concentrate on my studies with all this going on?”

“You’ll find a way my child, remember you’ve been chosen, so you will find the right path”

Her words sound reassuring but they are not.

I need to think, so I bid farewell to Nanny and head outdoors. I am drawn to the old Oak tree.

My mind is awash with variations of the same topic, me at school. How am I going to manage all this? School it’s only a few days away and I’d almost forgotten about it all. My friends, who would believe me? Who could I trust? Anybody? What of the teachers? They all have the notion now that fairies are nonsense, and anyone speaking of them or I suppose thinking of them will be frowned upon. Father and Mother will not be best pleased if they get reports of me speaking about faeries. It could ruin fathers’ reputation in business. I could be put in an asylum….

Oh dear me… what am I to do?

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