Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Knocking On Faerie Door Part 23

Taking the poem in my hand confidently, I clear my throat to gain everyone’s attention.

I start by saying “A Poem about Faeries” written by Grungy Grimm.

Fairies are supposed to fly

Make wishes come true

I don’t know why?

People believe in these creatures

Why should I?

Fairies make friends with animals

Who would do such a thing?

They have wands and make magic

I think believers are rather tragic

Do I believe in Faeries….?

Let me tell you true.


At this point I could see all the guests sitting upright, their full attention on me and hanging on my every word. They clearly thought that they were a short sentence away from victory. More fool them.

With a swish of the wand I cast my spell, so silently no one could tell.

Once my spell was cast, I jumped with glee, and clapped my hands 1, 2, 3!!

With a start the guests along with mother and father all fell into a rapture of applause as I beamed and said

Of Course I do!!!

The trolls were pleased as punch and for good reason too; my spell was made to erase their memories of what they’d wanted me to do.

I hastily bow and excuse myself from the room. Mother agrees that I may retire to my play room. Slowly making my way to the door and to freedom, the adrenaline coursing through my veins, I am so full of joy that if I’m not careful I may simply explode! Opening the huge door quietly my inside all a jingle, all I want to do is run and find Nanny to tell her how my idea had outsmarted those stinky old trolls.

With the door now closed behind me, I set off at pace to my play room. Admittedly it’d been much underused this school break as opposed to last year.

BOOM!! Teacups and saucers and silverware and a huge oval tray went hurting through the air and landed with a headache inducing thud! Oh dear!! I’ve run straight into Mr Bowfinger who was carrying the tea through to the drawing room, where all the guests were due after their meal.

“I’m so dreadfully sorry, Mr Bowfinger!” I said, my excitement now completely quelled, “I was in a hurry to tell Nanny my news”

Mr  Bowfinger simply winked at me and without a word his magic began to work, the splintered Chinaware the polished silverware the hot liquid and even the honey all started pulling themselves together and melding as if nothing had happened!! Right before my eyes Mr Bowfinger was indeed magical, how did he manage that?? He never even moved his lips. As I stood there gawping and rubbing my eyes in disbelief, Mr Bowfinger bent over and whispered to me, “run along then and tell Nanny your news”

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